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Position: Postdoctoral associate, Van Voorhis group, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Looking for: tenure track assistant professorship in computational chemistry, physics, materials science, or mathematics.

Executive summary: I have worked on improving computer models of the chemistry and physics of batteries and solar cells. For my PhD, I worked on how changes in redox states can be modeled accurately, which is necessary to describe how electricity is stored and transported in batteries, fuel cells, and ionic liquids. For my postdoc, I worked on how to make more accurate models of how organic solar cells harvest and collect energy. Unlike conventional silicon-based solar cells, these materials are intrinsically disordered and their properties are much more difficult to predict that when they are in crystalline form. These new theoretical models complement experimental techniques by allowing us to study the relationship between fundamental redox chemistry and optical physics, and the efficiencies of new materials that store, move, and collect energy. This will open up new ways to model the performance of new devices before they are built, which will reduce the cost of designing and testing new products for energy applications.

Activities at MIT

Icon Research.png My research page: various projects in computational chemistry and applied mathematics. How can advanced mathematics and statistics help us speed up simulations to study new solar cell and battery technologies? (Some examples of projects I have coded can be found on Github.)
Icon K12.png The MIT + K12 Videos Project pays MIT students to make videos illustrating various concepts in science, engineering and mathematics. I help review videos made by students before public release for technical accuracy. Watch the great videos students have made on Youtube.
Icon Music.png The MIT Chamber Chorus is offered by MIT's incredible Department of Music and Theater Arts.

My stuff

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